Missoula General Dentistry has been a blessing for me. Everyone I have met there has been some of the nicest, compassionate, and happiest people I have come across in a long time, at a business. Everything is well explained to me and they make my comfort their priority. I would recommend them to everyone I know that needs dental care. Thank you

– Bryan S.

5 Stars!

– Ray K.

Clean, professional, and knowledgeable, the Missoula General Dentistry team is there for you. Melanie is my hygienist, and I’ve never encountered a more gentle and thorough professional when it comes to the procedures she performs on patients. The staff is friendly and straight-forward, and they work hard to make accommodations for their patients. In addition, I’ve never spent more than five minutes past my appointment time in the waiting room, which speaks volumes for the efficiency of their operations.
Thank for what you guys do!

– Tyrel S.

The staff were amazing. I hadn’t been to a dentist in quite some time and was extremely nervous prior to the appointment. However as soon as I sat down the staff put my mind at ease. Jordan the dental assistant was very nice and personable. Dr. Kinnee was also very professional but also personable. They made my visit get over my fear of the dentist. Can’t recommend enough.

– Matt Freeborn

Great friendly service. Highly recommend.

– Jeffrey K.